Building Up

My fortune cookie last night told me to “build on [my] experience to find success,” I attended a contest at The Science Factory Children’s Museum and Planetarium (where I am a PR intern extraordinaire) that centered around children building structures from Lego-like blocks, went to Build-A-Bear (no, your never to old to build-a-bear) and came home to build my portfolio…hm, I sense an overarching theme.  So in honor of the building theme, I thought it only appropriate to continue on this track after reading a fantastic post from Chris Brogan’s blog “Build Blog Posts Like Building Blocks.”  picture-2-18-28-25

Topic, or rather flow from one entry to another seems to be an issue for many of the ‘newbie’ bloggers I’ve chatted with. Without a bevy rabid followers it is a bit difficult to determine what gets readers involved beyond the initial reading phase. Brogan’s post touched on this problem of continual growth with a piece of invaluable advice: every post should be considered a “building block to something larger, instead of just loose pages of thought.”

Consistency is key, and the hardest part of blogging is creating a voice that is authentic and resonates well with users.  So what do I do, I type it like I say it.  Literally.  I have found that if something just isn’t making its way from by brain through my fingers and to the keys that the best thing to do is say it out loud.  Do I feel strange talking to my computer, um…yes, but it is totally worth it when an interviewer tells me they like my voice on my blog (yes, this has happened a few times now).

As applied to blogging newbies, like myself, the advice to “Make your posts a gathering place for others’ ideas, and then share those ideas in their own way” struck a chord.  The goal of blogging, at least in most cases, is not to gain readership but to gain involvement and to create a forum for the discussion of ideas, experience and technique – because above all we newbies want to continue our education past college.

So, message of the day, blogs are like free lectures from your favorite online professors.  If you apply their teachings, as I hope to do with this material of Brogan’s, to whatever field you are in, I can say with certainty that you will gain an invaluable education that does not require the god-forsaken $500 matriculation fee (whatever that is).


~ by kristaberlincourt on February 24, 2009.

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