Innovation strikes once again

Never one to lag behind, Apple has done it again with the release of another product to be the self-proclaimed “first of its kind.” Apple’s new iPod shuffle is about the size of a house key and allows its user to store approximately 1000 songs (4 GB).  The super duper exciting part? It talks to its listener.  Yes, that’s right, an MP3 player that actually tells the listener what song is being played and who it is performed by.


This is all fine and dandy, but what really sets Apple apart from competitors, as many of you know, is the advertisement and press efforts to reach consumers.

In just one day news about the release sprang up on Blogs around the world, including those from news outlets including CNN and Wired, and blogs targeting tech-savvy crowds like TheAppleBlog.  Apple has posted a 360 view of the new gadget and an instructional video tutorial on its site, though the notrorriously anti-blog company has failed to respond to backlash from ipod fans against the product updates.

The new iPod shuffle ads are effective, with snappy phrases like ‘fashion tech-cessory’ and eye-catching size comparisons, but will Apple’s latest technology flop?  Maybe?  Are its new print ads engaging? Yes.

Only time will reveal the level of success to be had by this innovative product, but from a communications standpoint it seems that while Apple is on the track towards innovation perhaps the company should consider getting on the social media bandwagon, a blog at the very least.

Check out this little video clip for a unbiased overview of the product from the Rochester News.


~ by kristaberlincourt on March 11, 2009.

One Response to “Innovation strikes once again”

  1. I tell my friends… if you want to know when Apple is about to launch a new version of a product – call me. It’ll be right after I’ve purchased the ‘current’ version.

    Apple has a tribe of passionate followers. As a long time Mac person, I admit… there is little performance difference between a PC and a Mac. They all run the same applications… It’s about personal preference and brand allegiance.

    Like when Starbucks was super trendy you’d see people purposely hold the cup so the logo was clearly visible when walking around. You wanted others to know you were for Starbucks and Starbucks was for you. People proudly wear their white earbud headphones – and you know… that person has a iPod or iPhone device.

    Finally, while the new iPod shuffle is neat… there’s going to be a time in the near future when we make fun of how simple it is. How the voices are so fake sounding or how it could ONLY hold 1000 songs.

    Ah… progress!

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